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My Last Days in Buenos Aires

Most of Buenos Aires was closed on Christmas day, so we just walked around the parks in Palermo and headed out to Puerto Madero to get some choripan. Puerto Madero was full of people! There was some sort of carnival going on and it ended up being a great day to show my parents the area. Afterward, we walked over to a nearby movie theater and watched The Hobbit with Spanish subtitles (Bilbo Baggins = Bilbo Bolsón).


On Wednesday, we walked to the Evita Perón museum and learned a little Argentine history. The gift shop at the museum was the best I’d seen here and I ended up getting a set of flash cards called “Argentina Slang & Swear.” Best purchase ever. We met up for lunch with some people from England that my mom had met in Alaska and that afternoon I sent my parents off to tango lessons at La Catedral. Unfortunately, the lessons for that afternoon were cancelled, so my date idea for them was sort of a failure. That evening, we headed over to my host mom’s apartment for dinner with her and her daughter. There were some language barriers to deal with, since her daughter doesn’t speak English and my dad doesn’t know that much Spanish, but it was a fun night and a great goodbye. I even got to impress them with my newfound knowledge of Argentine vulgar slang. (Hint: “chupame un huevo” is not a polite thing to say.)

The next day, we took the Tren de la Costa (a touristy train) out to Tigre to spend a day on the river. The streak of perfect weather continued, and even though some of the museums in town were closed, it was a perfect day. We returned to Buenos Aires that night and I finally got to try ceviche at a Peruvian restaurant near our hotel (it had been on my BA bucket list).


Friday was our last day in the city. I was up a lot of the night packing, but then we had to wake up early to go to a historical/political walking tour in the centro. It was probably something we should have done earlier on, but it was still really interesting and the guide was hilarious. For lunch, I took my parents to my favorite empanada place (La Cocina on Pueyrredon). It was only their second empanada experience, but they loved it and I was very glad.


And now I’m in New York visiting my grandma for four days until I head off to England. The adventure continues…