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First off, I have to say that apparently the responses in my last post were faked. Andy doesn’t even exist and it was all a cruel prank courtesy of Michael and Robin. Thanks, guys.

Most of each week follows the same routine: get books from various libraries, read them, write up papers for my classes, and get through the Tuesday/Wednesday marathon of all my classes. And then it’s the weekend!

This week, the Stanford Girls went on our second crew date, this time with the Jesus College Football Team (although supposedly only ~4 were actually on the team). I sat next to two roommates, Jack and Jacques, who make a point of styling their hair in exactly the same way. After dinner, they took us back to the Jesus bar, where people were singing and playing guitar and it was a great time.

The next night, Michael threw a toga party (“the end of tyranny”) to commemorate the death of Caligula. As an American, I was disappointed that my sheet tying skills were not better, but I think it was overlooked. In two weeks, the next party will commemorate the 78th anniversary of the invention of Monopoly. Brasenose has entirely too many history majors.

Although water practice was cancelled for crew this week because the river is too high, practice has still managed to make me incredibly sore. On Thursday we had to erg and then do 40 minutes of circuits, which mostly involved different versions of squatting. I can still barely walk. Then yesterday I had my swim test, which was pretty easy but left me exhausted since I forgot my ID card and had to sprint all the way back to the Stanford house to get it. Finally, this afternoon, Hilary and I didn’t get the message that practice had been cancelled and ended up running to the boat house, where we found only the mens team. They were super nice and helped us a ton with our erging technique since there were two extra machines. I rowed way way way way faster today because the men’s cox was in the room screaming at all of them to row harder and it freaked me out and I ended up cutting a ton of time off. I’ll see how it feels tomorrow.

But the most exciting part of all: Burns Night! Burns Night is a big tradition to commemorate the birth of Scottish poet Robert Burns. Brasenose held it as a black tie dinner on Saturday night and I was the only Stanford student to get a ticket (they sold out within an hour). It started with a champagne reception in the chapel, then we followed a bagpipe procession around the quad and into the dining hall. After “The Selkirk Grace” and “Address to a Haggis” were read, I took my first bites of haggis (and actually liked it)! After dinner, we heard about the life of Robert Burns and then there were two toasts: the toast to the lassies and the reply from the lassies. They were absolutely hilarious.



A little while later, we went off into another room for a whisky (“demon drink”) reception (yuck) while they moved the tables aside in the hall to make room for reeling. When we came back in, we were given a few quick (and ineffective) lessons and then the Scottish music began and we all attempted to dance. A personal highlight would have to have been when I worked my way down the line and ended up do-si-doing with a bunch of elderly Brasenose professors.